Physical Activity

Physical ActivityPhysical activity can contribute to the physical, social and emotional wellbeing of all children and young people and staff within the school and its community.  The links between health, physical activity and wellbeing is well established.  Physical activity guidelines for children and young people aged 5 to 18 years now state that:-

  1. All children and young people should engage in moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity for at least 60 minutes and up to several hours every day.
  2. Vigorous intensity activities, including those that strengthen muscle and bone, should be incorporated at least three days a week.
  3. All children and young people should minimise the amount of time spent being sedentary (sitting) for extended periods.

Healthy Schools provide opportunities for physical activity to be incorporated throughout the school day and should promote the importance of being active through a whole school approach.

Physical Literacy

The Physical Literacy Programme is a set of exercises designed by physiotherapists to improve core stability and coordination.  This helps children and young people increase levels of physical development  and has been shown to improve handwriting and increase levels of progress in English and maths.  In order to access Physical Literacy resources in school you will need to receive training.

Please contact Jess Wickham for more details.

Good Practice Stories

We are encouraging schools to share stories of Good Practice in any area of their Healthy Schools work to encourage other schools to share creative ideas towards excellent practice and for us all to celebrate their achievements.  Please do submit stories to  and please include your school story when you have achieved a Healthy Schools Enhancement, Heart Mark or any other area of Healthy Schools work.