Healthy Schools Survey

Healthy Schools logo - City of DerbyThe Healthy School survey was previously available as an online survey (originally called 'Yes Research').  From 1st January 2014 this will no longer be available and will need to be completed on paper as described below.

If you completed the online surveys in the past we suggest you download your results and save them somewhere electronically at school.

What is the survey?

The Healthy Schools Survey is a questionnaire which you can use in your school setting to gain perceptive data and identify behaviour change from pupils and school staff. The survey will provide you, the school, with essential evidence about the health and well-being of your learners.  This will help you put school improvement plans in place, complete the Ofsted self-evaluation from (SEF) and provide you with useful information relating to pupil level well-being indicators.

As part of the Healthy Schools programme, we developed a simple survey to help you assess the changes that have taken place in your school as a result of your healthy schools work. The survey can be completed before a piece of healthy schools work is done and then again in 12 to 18 months time when the work is really taking shape. The results of the second survey will show you what changes of understanding or perception have taken place and if they have changed behaviour.  

How do I access the survey?

Please click on the links below and print the questionnaires.

There are surveys for:

The surveys are designed to be undertaken by the learners directly; each one can be completed in less than 10 minutes and can be downloaded and printed.  We recommend that the learners are encouraged to complete the surveys within the context of class under the guidance of a teacher. 

The questionnaires can also be emailed to Governors and teaching staff to complete independently and we recommend that parents are invited to complete the questionnaire in a controlled environment such as a Parents Evening or other gathering.

What do I expect to gain from the results?

If you can encourage as many individuals within each group to complete the survey, you will be able to:

Where do I expect to see changes?

The survey concentrates on specific areas that may be affected by the whole school approach and will identify changes in:

Why is the survey important?

You will have access to your results to use productively to assess the impact of your Healthy Schools activities for Ofsted inspections, and to help you identify areas for future interventions.