Healthy Eating

Healthy eatingHealthy Eating in schools is a whole school approach where food and nutrition is taught in the curriculum and the message is echoed and reinforced by the type of food and drink provided in school through catering, tuck shops, vending machines and food brought into the school e.g. healthy lunch boxes.  The approach is planned and systematic involving teachers, caterers, parents and pupils and encompasses the overall ethos and environment of the school community.

Dental health and tooth-brushing advice

Advice on keeping your teeth clean and healthy, how to encourage school children to brush their teeth regularly and how to find a dentist in your area.

The School Food Plan

An introduction to the School Food Plan and the 'Increase Your School Meal Take Up' project in Derby Schools.


Good Practice Stories

We are encouraging schools to share stories of Good Practice in any area of their Healthy Schools work to encourage other schools to share creative ideas towards excellent practice and for us all to celebrate their achievements.  Please do submit stories to  and please include your school story when you have achieved a Healthy Schools Enhancement, Heart Mark or any other area of Healthy Schools work.