Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Circle Time Emotional health and wellbeing incorporates emotional, psychological and social wellbeing.  Healthy Schools should nurture and develop the social and emotional development of children. It is critical to the social development and educational achievement of children and young people and research shows it has important consequences for health and social outcomes in adult life. 

Anti Bullying

Anti-bullying is the prevention of bullying. Bullying is deliberately hurtful behaviour repeated often over a period of time or an isolated occasions where someone deliberately intimidates or harasses another. It can be physical, verbal or psychological and it can happen face to face or through cyber space.  Healthy Schools address bullying through a whole school approach




Good Practice Stories

We are encouraging schools to share stories of Good Practice in any area of their Healthy Schools work to encourage other schools to share creative ideas towards excellent practice and for us all to celebrate their achievements.  Please do submit stories to julia.mitton@derby.gov.uk  and please include your school story when you have achieved a Healthy Schools Enhancement, Heart Mark or any other area of Healthy Schools work.