NQT Information

‌Derby City Council is an Appropriate Body for the Verification and Support of NQTs. The Appropriate Body, along with the Head Teacher / Principal is jointly responsible for the monitoring, support and assessment of the NQT during induction and has the main quality assurance role. We help schools meet statutory requirements to support NQTs, able to meet their responsibilities for monitoring, support and guidance and for undertaking a rigorous and equitable assessment of the NQT(s).

Quality Assurance Visits. As an Appropriate Body, we have a duty to assure ourselves that schools understand and are able to meet their responsibilities for overseeing NQT induction in their particular school.  Most visits will be random, but we will prioritise schools where there are NQTs at risk. This visit is not an inspection. We will check processes (for compliance with what is a statutory procedure), offer support to tutors and NQTs, and make what we hope are helpful suggestions.

Contact Details 

Derby City LA wishes to provide head teachers, induction tutors and NQTs with the highest levels of support. If you have any issues, concerns or questions, please contact us at nqt.adminstration@derby.gov.uk

Guidelines on the Appointment of an NQT

Prior to appointment 

Prior to appointment of an NQT the head teacher:

Before you appoint an NQT please use the NQT suitability checker which will help you to decide if this is a suitable post for an NQT.‌

Action: The information should be sent to nqt.adminstration@derby.gov.uk by email.

At Interview Stage

At interview stage head teachers should confirm with the NQT:

Immediately after appointment 

Immediately after appointment head teachers: 

NQT Sold Service

By appointing Derby City Council as the Appropriate Body you are agreeing to purchase either: 

For costings refer to the Derby Way Sold Service Brochure.


New Induction NQT Tutor training: this is for new tutors and for existing tutors who require a refresher. Usually held in September, details will be posted when arranged. If you require a school based session email nqt.administator@derby.gov.uk