Testimonies and Feedback

The schools finance team deliver training to schools. The participants have included headteachers, deputy heads, school business managers and admin staff.

Here is the feedback we have received about the training we deliver:


Helpful for learning of future developments – raising orders for sold services. Internal orders.

Well educated, polite team with plenty of knowledge and useful handouts I can take back and follow.

I couldn’t take it all in when we were first shown the reports, so now I’ve been using them for a while it’s good to be able to come back and look a bit deeper in to it (understanding and having experience helps it to stay in!). Training was well presented with it being appropriate to my role. Great team!

Introduction to Finance

Found it very useful and a good basic introduction. Good to have all the handouts as well. List of contacts very helpful in the pack. Thank you!

Course was well paced, not too much information or too little. Very well put across.

Really easy to understand. Explained very well.

Budget Monitoring Training

More challenging scenarios that require more in depth investigation to see different types of impact on the budget – still keep the easy scenarios to build confidence but escalate it slightly.

It was all useful - I need more confidence and this training helped me realise ‘I can do it’!


Very informative, questions I asked were explained narration was relevant to my school. So very personalised.

A good service is provided by finance. Thank you for all your help over the last few months.

Useful exercises. Scenarios being able to link it to my personal situation and school networking.

What a hilarious double act!!! You both turned a potentially (and sometimes) boring subject-funny! Best way to learn! Thank you.

Headteacher Training

Good to talk through and relate to own school.

Benchmarking was useful.

How can we use our ‘allocated person/patch officer’ to work directly with governors, eg can they present budget to governors and be there to answer challenging questions especially if we have a new SBM? Can this replace one of the visits for the year.

Good mix of talk and look!